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Clamp-On plates are single or double embossed rolled or flat plates that can be mounted onto existing tanks to provide heating or cooling of the product inside the tank. Rather than cooling an entire room of tanks or investing in newly fabricated tanks with built-in heat exchangers, a more cost effective solution can be obtained by installing Clamp-On plates. Clamp-On plates can be mounted without welding to the tank.

Like all our PillowPlates, our Clamp-On plates can be designed for numerous heat transfer mediums, capacities, temperatures, etc. Omega’s engineering department is prepared assist with any calculations of the required surface area and give complete advice on how to install the Clamp-On plates. Omega Clamp-On plates are supplied with all necessary mounting materials and heat conducting cement.

Applications clamp-on

•             Food and dairy processing.

•             Petrol & Chemical.

•             Waste management and recycling.

•             Energy conservation.

•             Beverages.

•             Thermal control.


•             Suitable for use with most heating and cooling solutions

•             Can be made of most types of stainless steel.


For assembly Omega provides bolts, nuts, washers and spacers to mount the Clamp-on tight to the tank wall. Additionally, Omega can provide the heat transfer cement required for achieving a optimum heat transfer coefficient.

Standard units are constructed of type 304-L stainless steel with a 2B finish. All welds are pickled/passivated or blasted with glass beads. Optional material is available upon request, including 316-L and SMO-254 as well as others. Optional finishes include electro-polished for ultra-high purity or corrosion applications.

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Download here the OMEGA brochure for Clamp-on panels!