Laser Welding Technology


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Omega Engineering B.V. was established in 1989 in The Netherlands by mr. Herman Oonk and mr. Fred Jensen.

Omega began operations using resistance spot and roll seam welding equipment to manufacture inflatable heat transfer surface. They sold it as a major component of the falling film chiller and ice banks they built as proprietary products.

Omega soon began selling heat transfer panels to fabricators who built storage tanks for the food and beverage industry. Omega is now one of the largest suppliers of this type of heat transfer surface in Western Europe.

It became clear to Omega that resistance spot and roll seam welding had drawbacks that were limiting their growth and the application of their product. They found little available welding equipment that would provide a quantum leap forward in welding technology. Being convinced that laser welding would offer such a leap forward, they acquired a Rofin Sinar laser and invented/developed the first welding system designed specifically to produce inflatable heat transfer surface.

The first laser welding machine was placed in service during 1991.

By 1995 Omega Engineering’s business had grown to the extent that another more powerful laser welding system was necessary to meet production. They designed, manufactured and placed the new system in service in early 1996.

As business kept growing and space became rare, the management decided to separate the laser welding machines from Omega Engineering  and founded a company specifically orientated to laser welding for equipment manufacturers.  Omega Laser Products B.V. was established in 1999 and supplied laser welded exchanger plates to Omega Engineering and several manufacturers in the vessel building industry.

Today, both companies joined forces again. Omega Thermo Products B.V. is the result from years of experience from both Omega engineering and Omega Laser Products.  

Omega Thermo Products B.V. is the most experienced company in it’s business and a reliable partner for all your heat exchanging equipment.


Omega Thermo Products, tailor-made in heat transfer technology