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Ice bank

The Ice Bank system is a simple technology based on storing cooling capacity at night and using it the following day to cool. At night when electricity is generated at less cost, chillers cool fluid and store it normally as chilled water or ice. During daytime when electricity is more expensive the chiller is turned off and the stored cooling is used to meet the building cooling load requirements.

Cool load

Storage capacities up to 15.000 Kg of ice (1500 kWh) per unit

Lower temperatures at night allow refrigeration equipment to operate more efficiently than during the day, reducing energy consumption. Less chiller capacity is required, which means lower initial capital equipment costs. Using off-peak electricity to store cooling energy reduces peak daytime power consumption, forestalling the need for additional expensive power plants.

Available in all possible sizes and capacities.

Applications Icebank

•             Fresh produce.

•             Poultry processing.

•             Bakery.

•             Food and dairy processing.

•             Seafood processing.

•             Red meat.

•             General food industry.

•             Beverages.

•             Concrete cooling.


•             Capacity 1500 kWh /unit

•             Ice thickness up to 50 mm on ech side of the plate

•             Suitable for use with R717,CO2, glycol and HFC refrigerants.

•             Direct expansion Ice Banks are provided with copper or stainless steel liquid distributor

•             Can be made of most types of stainless steel.


Frames are available in designs to meet your specific chilling requirements. All frames are custom-made, this means dimensions can be changed according to your specifications.

Water tanks are available for storage and/or recirculation of water and are available in several designs. The tanks are made out of stainless steel with 50-80 mm of polyurethane insulation.

Standard units are constructed of type 304-L stainless steel with a 2B finish. All welds are pickled/passivated or blasted with glass beads. Optional materials are available upon request, including 316-L and SMO-254 as well as others. Optional finishes include electro-polish for ultra-high purity or corrosion applications.

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