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Immersion chiller

Wherever contaminated liquid needs to be cooled, immersible chiller systems from OMEGA offer the ideal solution. The high quality flat evaporator plates of stainless steel and the closed cooling circuit ensure optimum cooling at all times.

Manufactured for reliability and durability, and by using the PillowPlate ® design, the immersion chillers offer exceptionally high efficient cooling.

The flat plate design is impervious to dirt and compliments the air agitation system, which optimises the cooling of the fluid throughout the tank.

Available in all possible sizes and capacities.

Applications dompelkoeler

•             Fresh produce.

•             Poultry processing.

•             Bakery.

•             Food and dairy processing.

•             Seafood processing.

•             Red meat.

•             General food industry.

•             Beverages.

•             Concrete cooling.


•             Capacity 10 – 2500 kW/unit (for water).

•             Cooling of liquids over a wide temperature range

                ΔT 30 ºC to 0.5 ºC is possible.

•             Heat transfer coefficients up to 600 W*K/m 2

•             Suitable for  R717,CO2, glycol and HFC refrigerants.

•             Direct expansion chillers are provided with copper or stainless steel liquid distributor

•             Can be made of most types of stainless steel.


Frames are available in designs to meet your specific chilling requirements. All frames are custom-made, this means dimensions can be changed according to your specifications.

Water tanks are available for storage and/or recirculation of water and are available in several designs. The tanks are made out of stainless steel with 50-80 mm of polyurethane insulation.

Standard units are constructed of type 304-L stainless steel with a 2B finish. All welds are pickled/passivated or blasted with glass beads. Optional materials are available upon request, including 316-L and SMO-254 as well as others. Optional finishes include electro-polish for ultra-high purity or corrosion applications.

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Download here the OMEGA brochure for Immersion Chillers!