Laser Welding Technology


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Process tank plates

Laser welded pillow plates for the process  industry are the best solution regarding cooling, heating  and temperature control of your process. The diamond weld pattern assures a high turbulence and even distribution of cooling/heating medium for an optimal efficiency.

Our pillow plate saves money

Heat transfer area has the highest eat transfer capacity, is relatively cheap and requires minimum work in your workshop.

Due to the laser welding process (low heat input) no rework is required on the inside of the tank. Even the plastic foil (80 µm) is not affected during laser welding,


The laser welded plates are suitable for various kinds of gasses and liquids, such as Ammonia, R404A, R134A, CO2, thermal oil, steam and glycol. The plates can be found in following industries or processes:

  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Sugar processing
  • Storage tanks for refineries
  • exo- or endothermal reactor vessel
  • Fermenters
  • Sterilization vessels
  • Conical mixers

Working pressures of > 100 bar can be achieved with jacket thickness of 2,5 mm and 30 mm vessel thickness.

Our plates are manufactured in almost all stainless steel types like: SS304L, SS316L, SS321L, SS904L, lean duplex 2101, duplex 2205, 254 SMO, Hastelloy, Inconel, titanium and others upon request.Upon request we can supply our pillow plates according to PED, ASME, EN-13445 and AD-2000.


  • Lower operating cost
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Improved control characteristics due to low volume
  • Even distribution of cooling and/or heating media
  • Design not limmited due to complex geometries
  • Reduced overall weight of the installation


Plates are available in various designs to meet your specific eat transfer requirements. All items are custom-made, this means dimensions can be changed according to your specifications.

Omega Thermo Products, tailor-made solutions in heat transfer technology

Download here the OMEGA brochure for Process tank pillow plates!