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Wine tank plates

Laser welded pillow plates for the wine industry are the best solution regarding cooling, heating and temperature control of your product. The circular weld pattern assures a high turbulence and even distribution of refrigerant for an optimal efficiency.

Modern winemaking requires the best temperature control

The OMEGA heat-exchanger plates provide a perfect temperature control during every phase of the wine making process.

The OMEGA heat transfer panels are laser welded on the vessel wall for an optimum connection between the cooling jacket and the inner vessel. The cooling medium flows through the cooling jacket with high turbulence to achieve a maximum heat transfer coefficient, which is much higher compared to conventional methods.

The cold will be transferred to the fermenting medium where the heat from the fermentation process will be absorbed. The OMEGA  heat transfer panels are equally suitable for a accurate heating and cooling of must and wine.


During the Primary (alcoholic) fermentation ; yeast interact with sugar and create ethanol, carbon dioxide as by-product and will generate heat. The wine fermentation is an exothermal reaction which is important to regulate.

C6H12O2        →    2 C2H5OH    +    2 CO2            +    Q
Sugars        →    Ethanol        +    Carbon dioxide        +    Heat

Q = (7900 joule for 180 gr. Sugar)

It’s crucial for the winemaker to control this first fermentation process and keep the must in the ideal range of temperature, Red wine is fermented lower than 32°C but can be raised up/forced to 45°C at the end of the fermentation process. White wine will be kept at a lower  temperature (18 and 20°C) in order not to kill the yeast and to allow a biological reduction of acids.

To keep the wine at a high residual sugar level (fortified wine) the winemaker must drop the temperature of the most very quickly to stop the yeast activity.

The high efficiency of the OMEGA heat transfer plates allows even the cold stabilization of potassium bi-tartrate (tartrates) with glycol used as a cooling medium.

Every kind of surface, even the truncated tanks, can be equipped with the OMEGA heat transfer panels. The panels are suitable for various refrigerants, such as Glycol, Freon, ammonia, steam and CO2. Our plates are suitable for thermosyfon, pumped and/or direct expansion systems.

Pre-fermentation maceration, carbonic maceration and malolactic fermentation require also a very accurate control of the temperature during the process. Our heat transfer panels are the best solution for this temperature control.

The accuracy of our heat input from welding will not affect the inside on the stainless steel and therefore offers a surface finish on the inside of the vessel which has no need for further machining. The outside jacket will also add esthetic value to your wine cellar.

Omega Thermo Products B.V.  can even weld bright annealed plates without affecting the surface finish which is so important for an easy rinsing.

This is why the most prestigious wineries all over the world have already chosen for the quality and efficiency of the OMEGA heat transfer panels.

Reference list:

•    Château Cheval-Blanc (the new wine cellar)        
•    Château Palmer                        
•    Champagne Thienot                    
•    Domaine de la Pousse d’Or                
•    Château Haute-Nauve                        
•    Château Franc Grâce-Dieu                    
•    Château Smith-Haut-Lafitte                    
•    Château Gazin Rocquencourt                
•    Mey Içki          


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