Laser Welding Technology


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Engineered products


Omega is the largest producer of laser welded plate type heat exchangers in the world with millions of square feet in operation today. 

Our product is available as fully fabricated assemblies and tank components or OEM's can decide to purchase our surface only for their own fabrication needs.

All our equipment is manufactured with heat transfer surface that has been produced utilizing the latest technology of laser welding. This unique process allows design efficiency and quality control that has not been obtainable by traditionally welded heat transfer surfaces.

The precision of CNC laser welding and our experience of more than 20 years in the field of heat transfer has enabled us to lead the way in new product development and prototyping.

All heat transfer surface and assemblies can be designed, fabricated, and stamped to meet various codes, like PED, EN13445, AD2000, GOST-R, ASME Code Section VIII Div. 1.

Our productline is divided into two segments, engineered products and laser welded products.

Engineered products

Laser welded products

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Omega Thermo Products, tailor-made in heat transfer technology